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After numerous months waiting and teasing my lady buddy lastly arrived in city to see me for a while. "Good early morning baby." she says to me as we come down the stairs. I look up and immediately was turned on. Her breathtaking chocolate epidermis being warmed by the sunshine peeking through the window oh therefore somewhat . The woman breasts searching to escape from their laced prison. As her ass is being hugged so beautiful by her silk robe. "Good morning baby" I answer as I walk behind her and put my arms around her waistline. "You took so very long in the bath you're gonna be late for work", she hounds me personally. the only thing we can hear is her slight moan as she seems my fingers rub on her smooth wet pussy through her panties. She moves the woman ass across my hard-on. I move my hands all over her human body, sliding her robe down slightly as I kiss on her throat and shoulders. we look over at the clock and my phone bands. " we require you to are available in today." my employer says frantically. I grab my womans waistline and kiss the woman neck one more time. "I dont wish to. But we gotta go." She turns around and frowns. I couldn't resist to kiss her lips (Damn they're so soft). "I realize baby." She replies to me personally. A couple of hours go by and we finally resolve the issue at my task. They always look to me to repair the unorganized bull shit whenever the brand new hires can be found in and my boss gets pounded with paper work. The entire time we couldn't stop thinking about just how fucking sexy and delicious diamond looked in the woman robe and panties. It's using everything in my power to help keep my hard-on down. After awhile my boss says I can get home early (cause I handle my business like that). The entire drive home I'm thinking exactly how I'm likely to eat diamonds pussy like there's no tomorrow. I pull up and walk to my door. As I open my door I currently hear some moaning and bed squeaking. we go for my tool. "Oh somebody is getting fucked up today", I whisper to myself. we slowly move up the stairs and slightly open up my bed space home. On the bed we see diamonds head pulled back, arch in her back, mouth broad open with her hands between the mouth of her pussy. On the t.v is a home movie of the girl and I that we made a couple of times right back. we watch her as her moans become louder as she rubs on her clitoris. Mad I had been at first, prepared to commit a violent work on a trespasser. Now therefore turned on my eyes can't move from this sexy sight. My hands move down to my dick and I begin to stroke As I watch her please her self in ways that I didn't know she liked. I view her slide a toy into her tight pussy other finger on her ass. She strokes her dripping wetness with the model and I also hear her groan my title. "Mmm yes baby" we whisper to myself as I slowly stroke my dick as we watch the girl. She moves her hand towards her jugs and I also see her face begin to tighten up and her lips opens broad. Ooo she's about to cum. I allow the bed room home open slowly as we stand in the door method, my cock in hand. She appears up and jumps for a minute in shock. But then her eyes move down towards my hard cock and she licks her lips. "Mmm I missed you" she claims to me. "we see. Keep going" we state as I move toward the girl. She closes the woman eyes and begins to masturbate slowly. Standing following to the lady, I continue to slowly stroke my dick. "Mmm suck my cock for being a bad girl" I state to the lady. She grabs my cock and wraps her lips around information technology. Devouring every inch and sucking so messy stroking my dick with her free hand as she sucks my tip. Then using me in so deep in her throat her moans feel therefore good on my cock. Her fingers moving all over her pussy that her hand is covered in her juices. The woman moans therefore sexy as she sucks my cock so well that I almost emerged. " mmm fuck baby" we say as we move right back. " fold over for daddy." she obeys and bends over. Her ass high in the air. I begin to work my tongue from top to bottom of her pussy. "Mmm you had been being a bad woman cumming with out me" I state as we spank her ass. My tongue working over the woman clitoris. " im sorry baby" she replies in a loud moan. I slide my tongue inside her pussy and begin to rotate it. I start to suck on her clit working my tongue simultaneously. Her pleasure therefore high she cums so hard that the woman thighs start to shake. we stand up and offer the lady beautifully shaped ass a spank. "Mmm sexy ass" we say to the girl. With her pussy available I start to tease her with the mind of my cock. "You wish to feel this cock infant?" "Yes daddy" she responds. we slip a couple inches inside of her. pulling off I rub the woman clitoris with my cock once more. "Mmm say please" spanking the woman ass. " please daddy please" she responds so sexy. we give her just what she desires and start to long stroke her pussy. The woman waist in my fingers as we feel her hot treasure stroking my cock. " I been thinking about this all day baby" we say as we be sure to her. Going faster and harder as we feel my self begin to cum. we pull out and she turns around as I squirt all over the girl. She strokes my dick and smiles. " you had me angry at you. I thought you had somebody in my house" I state. She laughs "is that why the gun is at the home?" we smile "yeah." "You had me therefore switched on this morning we couldn't assist it. " she replies as she slides my cock into the woman mouth once again. " mmm damn"……to be continued in round 2. longstroke313
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